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The English speaking community in Israel has significant buying power. It supports a wide range of businesses and self-employed professionals. The Anglo community has been instrumental in the development of entire cities in Israel. Just look around and see the amazing number of construction cranes in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Modiin and Ranaana to mention some important “Anglo” centers. This affluent Anglo population feels very confortable buying and contracting the services of Anglo professionals and suppliers. The Anglo community supports thousands of businesses owned by Anglo entrepreneurs.

Many Anglo entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals who have tapped into this powerful consumer base have experienced significant growth from year to year. Some examples are Auto King, Egert-Cohen Insurance, Tzvi Air and Dr. Eliyahu Gherman. They had the business acumen to consult with qualified marketing professionals to design effective advertising strategies to reach the Anglo community. Their constant growth and success speaks for itself.  

Anglo Media is the first complete agency that was specifically created to help businesses and professionals reach the Anglo community anywhere in Israel.  Anglo Media gives you the flexibility to switch advertising publications in the middle of the contract to constantly improve your results. This means that you are not tied to a particular media. This alone takes care of most of the reasons not to have a long term strategy. 



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